ololo website crawler

If you want ololo to crawl your website for new openload and streamango links, follow these steps.

Paste this code anywhere on your page:

Paste the code only on pages with links or embedded videos. It is not necessary to have the code on all pages of your website.
You can set language of your videos by changing the value of olo_lang variable. Default is English (en). Use ISO 639-1 language code. If videos on your website are in different language than English (dubbing or hardcoded subtitles) it is compulsory to set the right language code.

If you did everything right you should see a small blue o icon.

It is forbidden to paste our crawler code to pages or websites with links to adult videos! Failure to follow this rule will result in removal of all links from violating domain.

Can your crawler bypass Cloudflare browser check?
Yes, you don't have to disable Cloudflare.

What kind of data can your crawler read?
Our crawler uses page title and openload/streamango links. These links can be either plain text, anchors or iframe embed code. Our crawler can extract links even from javascript loaded content, however this content has to be loaded right after page load. Content loaded after clicking links or buttons will not be extracted. Links and embeds behind redirects or link shorteners won't be extracted either.

Bulk submitting
You can submit pages with multiple links in one page. If you do so, don't put more than 1000 links in one page. Also don't create a title tag for that page - that way you will let our bot to create titles from video names and your videos will appear higher in search results.

Can I check what videos from my domain are indexed?
Yes, you can use this command in our search: --domain:example.com